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Red Runner Roaches (SMALL - 1/4" Inch)

Red Runner Roaches (SMALL - 1/4" Inch)

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Why Choose Red Runners?

Ideal for Young to Mature Insectivores: Red Runner Roaches are suitable for a wide range of reptiles, from young hatchlings to fully grown adults. Their size and nutritional value make them a versatile food choice for reptiles at any stage of development.

Rapidly Triggers Feeding Response: Red Runner Roaches have a natural ability to stimulate a reptile's feeding instincts quickly. This means your pets will eagerly consume them, making feeding time more efficient and hassle-free.

Very Prolific & Long Lifespan (24 Months): These roaches are highly prolific breeders, meaning they reproduce quickly and abundantly. Additionally, they boast an impressive lifespan of up to 24 months, ensuring a consistent food source for an extended period.

Low Maintenance & Easy Care: Red Runner Roaches require minimal upkeep, making them an ideal choice for pet owners seeking convenience. Their hardiness and simplicity in care make them a stress-free option for reptile enthusiasts.

High Protein to Shell Ratio (37% Protein + 6% Fat): With a protein content of 37% and fat content of 6%, Red Runner Roaches provide an optimal balance of nutrients for reptiles. This high protein to shell ratio ensures your pets receive the essential nutrients they require for vitality and well-being.

Easy to Digest: Red Runner Roaches have a lower chitin content compared to other feeder insects like crickets. This makes them easier for reptiles to digest, reducing the risk of digestive issues and improving overall nutrient absorption.

Growth & Sizes: The size of Red Runner Roaches closely resembles that of crickets, making them an easy transition for reptiles accustomed to consuming crickets. This ensures a seamless switch without any disruption to your pet's feeding routine.

Hardy: Red Runner Roaches are hardy insects that can withstand various environmental conditions. Unlike crickets, they have a lower death rate, ensuring a more reliable and consistent food source for your reptiles.

Odorless: With proper maintenance and regular cleaning, Red Runner Roaches remain virtually odorless, creating a more pleasant environment for both you and your pets. Additionally, they do not produce any disruptive sounds, minimizing noise pollution in your home.

Cannot Climb Smooth Surfaces: Red Runner Roaches are incapable of jumping, flying, or scaling smooth surfaces. This ensures they remain contained within their enclosure, reducing the risk of escape and preventing potential nuisance.

No Burrow or Digging: Unlike some other feeder insects, Red Runner Roaches do not burrow or dig. This makes them easier to manage within their enclosure and simplifies cleaning and maintenance tasks.

Scientific Names Periplaneta lateralis Blatta lateralis Shelfordella lateralis
Common Names Red Runner Roach Rusty Red Roach Turkestan Roach

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Excellent Cricket or Dubia Replacement:

When considering feeder insects for your reptiles, Red Runner Roaches stand out as a superior alternative to traditional options like Crickets or Dubia roaches. Here's why:

Nutritional Superiority:
Gram for gram, Red Runner Roaches surpass Crickets and Dubia roaches in nutritional value. They provide essential proteins and fats vital for reptile health, ensuring your pets receive a well-rounded diet that supports growth, development, and overall well-being.

Balanced Protein and Fat Content:
Red Runner Roaches boast a balanced protein to fat ratio, with 37% protein and 6% fat. This optimal nutritional profile ensures your reptiles receive the necessary nutrients for energy, muscle development, and immune function, without excess fat that could lead to obesity or health issues.

Enhanced Digestibility:
Compared to Crickets and Dubia roaches, Red Runner Roaches have a lower chitin content. Chitin is a tough, indigestible substance found in the exoskeleton of insects. With less chitin to digest, Red Runner Roaches are easier for reptiles to process and absorb nutrients from, reducing the risk of digestive issues and enhancing overall nutrient uptake.

Size and Growth:
Red Runner Roaches are comparable in size to Crickets, making them an easy transition for reptiles accustomed to consuming crickets. Their similar size ensures a seamless switch without disrupting your pet's feeding routine or requiring adjustments to portion sizes.

Durability and Longevity:
Unlike Crickets, which are notorious for their fragility and short lifespan, Red Runner Roaches are hardy insects with a longer lifespan. They can withstand various environmental conditions and have a lower mortality rate, ensuring a more reliable and consistent food source for your reptiles.

Red Runner Roaches offer numerous advantages over Crickets and Dubia roaches as a feeder insect option. Their superior nutritional profile, enhanced digestibility, comparable size, durability, and longevity make them an excellent choice for maintaining the health and vitality of your reptile companions.


  • Q. Can red runners infest?

  • A. Despite the rumors; this species will not infest if kept in the proper environment and care.

    Note: House in the recommended smooth surfaced enclosure within a clean room, space, or environment; with no food source provided out side of the enclosure. Further handle and care information will be included with your purchase.

    Additionally the Red Runner Roach is similar in this manner to the widely and commonly used feeder Dubia Roach.

Upgrade your reptile's diet with our Red Runner Roaches today!

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